Car rental prices in Egypt

Car rental prices in Egypt

Car rental prices in Egypt are subject to many factors & variables that affect on car rental prices. These factors can be summarized as following: 

First: Vehicle type

Luxury cars came on the top of the list as the highest rent value in the Egyptian market, followed by Japanese cars then Korean cars. Thus, luxury cars are the highest car rental price.

Second: Vehicle model

The price for car rental in Egypt may vary according to the car model. Whenever the newer the car model, the higher the rental value.

Third: Vehicle options, safety & luxury

Car options & safety vary from a car model to another and that lead to a difference in their car rental value (e.g. rental value of automatic transmission car is higher than manual transmission car).

That applied on car options as well (e.g. rental value for a car with sunroof is higher than a car without sunroof).

Forth: The duration of the car rent

The car rent value can be changed according to the duration of the car rent.

The car rent value getting lower when the rent duration is longer. As car rental agencies in Egypt give a priority to customers who rent cars for long duration.

Fifth: Car rent changes according to season

It's clearly known that summer is the peak time for car rent in Egypt. That's why you may find the rates are higher than usual.

Sixth: Loyal customers

Car rent agencies give priority to their loyal customers & special discounts concerning car rent values in Egypt

Seventh: Car rental with/without a driver

There is a difference in car rent value when you request to get a driver with the rented car.

Eighth: Insurance

One of the main factors that affect on car rent value is "Insurance". There are some insurance benefits that you can get against a small amount of money.

Exact amount can be set according to insurance benefit, duration,..etc. 

Ninth: Mileage limit

Car rent value can vary according to Mileage criteria. There are 2 criteria that customer can choose between them:

  1. limited kilometer: 120 km/day

  2. Unlimited kilometer: with a minimum rent duration of 10 days, the customer can choose unlimited kilometer against a extra amount.

Tenth: Competitors

Through many market surveys & ongoing competitive analysis. We can offer the best car rent rates for our customers.

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