How to reduce the fuel consumption?

How to reduce the fuel consumption?

Advises to reduce your car's fuel consumption

Because recently the fuel price has been increased .. we are giving you 10 advises to reduce the fuel consumption

  1. The optimum speed to normalize the fuel consumption is between 60 - 100 km/hour.

  2. Try not to increase your car's weight. overloading your car increases the fuel consumption.

  3. Balance the usage of your car's air-condition. When entering your car, open the car windows to get rid of the hot air then turn on the air-condition. When driving on high speed, use the air-condition instead of opening the windows to reduce air resistance to the car.

  4. When deciding to stop, let the car slow down normally before using the brake.

  5. Don't burn on the gear box.

  6. Use the recommended fuel type for your car that gives the maximum efficiency.

  7. When you are waiting for something or someone, turn off the engine. When car stopped, It consumes fuel more than when it's moving.

  8. Always check car tires pressure, because low tires pressure affects on the fuel consumption.

  9. Car service should be done according to manufacturer schedule to ensure the efficiency of all car parts

  10. Finally, if you don't have a car & looking to buy one .. choose a car with lower-capacity engine to save fuel.