Kia Cerato 2020

Kia Cerato 2020

On January 2018, Kia announced the release of the new generation of Cerato 2019. The new Cerato as been distributed to all agents & local distributors.

On October 2018, Kia disclosed of the new sport model (Cerato GT).

Kia Cerato GT 2020 will be available starting from July 2019.

Kia Cerato GT 2020 specification

We will not talk here about all the specifications and design of the car, but we will only care about major features. The car has a front bumper with a sporty design combines the color of black and red with GT logo, sports tires of the size of 18 inches, black side mirrors with indicators, spoiler on the trunk and black chrome pieces at the bottom of the rear bumper.

Soon Cerato GT 2020 will be released in the Egyptian market & it will join "Kayan" fleet to be offered for our valuable customers who want a car rental service in Cairo.