Mazda unveils the new car CX-30

Mazda unveils the new car CX-30

Mazda unveiled the new SUV model CX-30.

The Japanese company stated that the new compact car is 4.40 m length & 2.66 m wheelbase. The car capacity is 5 persons while the back trunk capacity between 430 - 1406 L.

CX-30 comes wit 2.0 L engine that produce 90 kw/122 hp & it also available in diesel engine that gives 85 kw/116 hp.

The maximum speed is 186 km/h while the average fuel consumption is 5.1 L/100 km for gasoline & 4.4 L/100 km for diesel. 

Mazda looking for introduce a new engine with a new technology that gives 132 kw/180 hp & it gives an economic advantage as well as the launch of 4 wheel drive model.

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