The new Peugeot cross over

The new Peugeot cross over

Peugeot is preparing to launch a new cross over vehicle that will be one of the most featured & developed in the market.

Some of the most features in this car are its elegant body that comes with LED lights & fog lights that are look so elegant with the front bumper. 

This car also comes with a cabin fits for 5 passengers with one of the most developed dash boards. It contains 2 touch screens (one in front of the driver contains gears & a big one in the middle of the dash board). 

This car will be available the soonest in Kayan for car rental in Egypt.

Kayan is the best in car rental in Cairo.

Kayan .. always with you

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Wael Elshabrawy
11/08/2019 13:40

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Waleed Awad
10/08/2019 11:51

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