Toyota corolla (Pros & Cons)

Toyota corolla (Pros & Cons)

Toyota corolla considered the premier car for Toyota as it has the majority of the company production with different categories. It's one of the oldest & successful models that Toyota released many years ago.

Corolla specification:

Toyota corolla came as a midsize car (Length 4,620 mm, width: 1,775 mm, Height: 1,485 mm, Wheel base length: 2,700 mm & total weight without load: 1,775 kg.

This car considered as top seller in the world among all different car models & categories. 

Corolla has a huge space in the back trunk (470 L) & it's huge space compared to similar sedan models.

Toyota corolla 2019 Pros:

  • The most useful feature, it was the first & the main reason to encourage people to buy corolla is the affordable price of the spare parts & its the availability as well.

  • The car has a front space for the front glass with rain sensor.

  • Corolla has a big fuel tank (50 L). It's suitable for this car & its fuel consumption. Average fuel consumption is 6.8 L / 100 km.

Toyota corolla Cons:

  • The front seats are manual controlled, not electric.

  • Side mirrors are being folded manually, not automatic.

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